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TREEHUGGER_The first intelligent electric public bicycle sharing systems

TREEHUGGER_The first intelligent electric public bicycle sharing systems

What characteristics should the perfect public bicycle have? A minimum of mechanical maintenance, maintenance-free shaft transmission, solid tires to avoid punctures, a theft-free design and an adjustable seat for every hight. It should also be ergonomically designed so that any person can cycle upright and comfortably. It seems, Spanish designer Eduard Sentís got it right withUrbikes. However, as if this award-winning bike wasn’t enough, his company Modular Bicycle parking solutions is now working on an electric Urbikes, the Urbikes Trapper, which will be officially presented on November 25th 2010 at Living Labs Global in Copenhagen.Urbikes Trapper is meant to be the solution to all currently existing problems related to public bike sharing systems, such asBarcelona’s Bicing or other public bicycle sharing systems. It is based on the same system as public transportation such as bus routes, and could therefore be called bicycle route in order to cover traffic jammed journeys in a cleaner and faster way.


How is that possible, you ask, if those journey can be long and therefore often not suitable for most people on a bicycle? To make it easy for everyone to cycle, Modular BPS has created the Urbikes Trapper; electric and autonomous. The cyclist will be capable of generating 80% of the energy the bike consumes, with the remaining 20% being charged at the bike sharing stations, in only 10 minutes. Moreover, the stations are planned to have solar panels so they don’t have to be connected to the grid.

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