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Change the planet Project

About This Project

Project Status: FINALIZADO

Start: 2016
– End: 2021


  • Act as develop awareness of the goods and impact have on the planet. Another way to make possible.


Change the Planet Project is a project that brings together actions that respond to product Urbikes promoting the values and ethics of the company. Performances such as videos, festivals, events on how to act to change our planet are grouped here.


Change the Planet Project is the first of many performances that haven’t end. It is away. The union of various professional people, with different areas, but in the same project that grows with actions. Each brings his knowledge to get clear and transparent goals.

06.2016: Idea, concept and first approaches
06.2016: First performance. Film script change the planet
06.2016: Web design platform project change the planet by Urbikes
06.2016: Design t-shirts for change the planet film
07.2016: Production coordination, realization, actors and extras
07.2016: Licenses, court street, blackmagic, drone, catering and scenery.
07.2016: Filming and making of. (cat)
08.2016: Streaming and postproduction
09.2016: Change the planet festival

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